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One of the missions of the Academy of Chinese Performing Arts is to promote growth and interest of Chinese performing arts in the United States and to integrate the same into mainstream multi-cultural America. The founder and current principal of the school, David Z. Chen, a recognized expert and master instructor of Chinese folk dancing, has been striving towards this goal for many years. In 1991, he started "David's Dance Studio" with a handful of students. In 1995, the school expanded and morphed into the current Academy of Chinese Performing Arts. From a few students and a limited curriculum, the school now enrolls hundreds of students and offers courses in many areas of Chinese performing arts.

The school emphasizes quality choreography, research, and teaching of Chinese performing arts in its curriculum. Each of these elements aids many other areas of performing art. They also provide practical benefits toward the synthesis of class instruction with stage performances. After 20 years of challenge, growth, and change, the school has accumulated considerable experience in teaching Chinese dancing to overseas Chinese in America and to others interested in this field. Using advances in science and information technology, the school will continue to modify and improve its curriculum with scientific and digital enhancements.

Through the cumulative hard work of our instructors, the results have been overwhelming. Class after class of Chinese and non-Chinese students born in America received authentic and proper Chinese dance training. They learn numerous dances which elevate their interest and knowledge of Chinese performing arts and Chinese culture. Every year the school organizes and selects dances for public performances and practical training. To date, more than 800 dances and many dramatic programs have been presented to the general public. These included more than 100 newly choreographed work created in the United States.

In 2002, our school was invited to be part of an official City of Fremont Trade and Cultural Delegation visiting both sides of the Taiwan Straits. At the request of the government, we performed at Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai in China then Taipei and Hsinchu in Taiwan with great success and compliments. In 2006, we received invitations to visit Xiamen in China to compete in the International Children's Song and Dance Competition. Our representatives participated and return with distinguishing awards. The performances and competition advanced our mission objective and acknowledged our success in promoting growth and interest in Chinese performing arts in the United States. Moreover, they promote cultural understanding and exchanges with positive ethnic influences.

The continuing work of our school in planning, adapting, and experimenting with the children musical fairy tale "Malan Flower" has been brewing for over ten years. In 2005, during the tenth anniversary of the founding of the school, test performances in English and Chinese were given for evaluation and further development with positive results. President Bush and the First Lady sent their blessings and encouragement from the White House for promoting multicultural understanding and harmony in the United States. In 2007, the first official "Malan Flower" premiered in the Bay Area performance of "Firecrackers". Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sent his blessing for our training of young dancers and for a successful performance. In 2008, we received invitations to perform at the Shanghai International Youth Festival as part of the Olympic Games closing ceremonies. We return to the United States with distinguish awards for our participation in the event. In 2010, we went to China again and performed "Malan Flower" in Beijing and Fuzhou. For the last three years, our school's competitive dance team has competed in dance competitions of various levels with outstanding accomplishments. These venues have certainly provided opportunities for us to meet with other great dance schools in the Bay Area and to learn from them. Whether it is the methodology they employed to device their school's curriculum or methods of operation for their dance school; these are great topics and constructive exchanges that will enormously benefits our school.

The school currently has facilities in Fremont and in the San Jose – Cupertino area. We are also planning to offer classes in Palo Alto and Pleasanton in the near future. 2015 will be the school's 20th anniversary. Capitalizing on our 20 years of experience in nurturing Chinese performing arts, and our intent to facilitate art instruction and culture exchange in the Bay Area, the school will begin rehearsing the Malan Flower Song and Dance Drama (9th edition) for our 20th anniversary celebration. In addition, the school will host her first California's International Forum on Young Adults' Arts' Education to showcase exemplary works in the arts and to initiate constructive exchanges to enhance arts education. Our school will also be implementing "new concepts" which incorporates scientific and technological improvements to our program. We anticipate improvements in all classes besides from further enhancement of our instructors' research, development, and choreography of dances and dancing techniques. All of these efforts will serve as our contribution toward the transmission, exchange, and promoting of Chinese performing arts.






2008年获邀赴上海参加迎奥运的上海国际儿童戏剧展演,并获奖载誉而归。2010年《马兰花》又赴北京、福州作了展演。近兩年學院組織學生參加美西各個层次的舞蹈 大賽,取 得不菲的可喜佳績,也學習了美西當地優秀舞校的教學經驗、教學机制和 經營模式, 更促進了學院的教學改革。

学院现有Fremont 和San Jose/Cupertino 两所校址。2015年是學院正式建院二十周年,學院將盘點二十年來經驗成果,並排出歌舞劇《马兰花》第九稿修改版, 作隆重慶典展演,並承办、主持"美国加州国际青少年儿童艺术节"首届美中青少年舞蹈、音乐剧教学优秀成果交流展演和教学科技改革发展与合作论坛。學院將堅持藝術教學、 制作"新概念"科学化工艺改革的方向,着力师资队伍的教研和进修,切实提高教学质量,在不断创新和教学改革中,为民族文化传承和文化交融作更多的贡献。