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Our mission in The Academy of Chinese Performing Arts is to establish a strong foundation of artistry and creativity that is representative of China. The founder and artistic director, Mr. David Chen started the Academy from the David Chen Dance Studio. The academy was founded in 1995 after many years of effort and experience.

In the past nine years, the Academy has adapted many teaching and performing ways of Chinese dances to oversea students. As a result, the Academy has gained much valuable experience in teaching carefully chosen cultural dances while also creating new pieces.

Due to the earnest effort and perseverance of our instructors, we have made great improvement. Many of the American-born students have begun to appreciate Chinese dances, and especially Chinese culture. Our students in the Academy are taught by professional teachers using correct interpretation of various ethnic and classical dances. The Academy has performed in various venues in the community. We have performed more than three hundred dances; almost one hundred of them were created and choreographed by our instructors. During the Spring Festival (Chinese new year), our students perform pieces of our work in local school districts, presenting Chinese dances and culture to thousands of viewers, thus facilitating cultural exchange and mutual understanding. The Academy also encourages students to participate in public events, including art performances and competitions. Our students contribute greatly to the cultural activities of the community, and at the same time they have gained invaluable experiences in the aspect of performing arts. Two years ago, ACPA was involved in the prestigious artistic collaboration project between the City of Fremont and the Trade Mission as part of the Cultural Exchange program to visit various Asian cities such as Taipei, Hsinchu, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai with great success. This year, we were invited to participate in the Northern California International Teen Festival, in which our students will put on an exclusive performance to express our Chinese culture. These dance instruction and public performance programs help to establish and develop Chinese dance overseas.

The Academy has two campuses: on in Fremont and one in Cupertino. We now have almost five hundred students and ten professional instructors. We also offer art, music, and drama classes on both campuses. Through our continuous experimentation, our academy is steadily growing and improving.

The Academy is planning to bring the large-scale classic children’s dance and music drama “Ma Lan Flower” to the American public. We have been planning and writing a script for many years to produce one that best fits our audiences. Next year is the ten-year anniversary of ACPA. In the light of this important milestone, we are trying our best to put the classical drama, “Ma Lan Flower”, on stage.

中华演兿學院的宗旨是要在美国这多元文化社会中,把优秀的中华表演艺术传薪紮根。创办人和现任院长是民族舞蹈家陈兆鑫先生。1995年首先创建”舞蹈系”是在1991年成立的” 陈兆鑫舞蹈工作室”几年严肃实践的基础上扩建改制而成。

舞蹈系建系九年,不断地试验适应海外学生的中国舞教程,安排教材,精选并创编新的教材,积累了海外艺术教学的丰富经验。 由于老师们的共同努力,连年的教学取得了丰硕成果了一批又一批的在美出生的华裔孩子对中国舞蹈以及所涉及的中国文化提高认识和兴趣。学生们得到了较正规的舞蹈训练,学了很多有代表性的中国舞蹈。学院连年组织隆重的实习公演,创编,选排了三百多个中国舞蹈节目推向社会,其中学院老师在美创编的有近百个。学院还组织专门演出队在中国新年期间到各学区十几所中,小学校,作介绍中国舞蹈和民俗文化的巡回义演,每年观众上万。学院鼓励并组织学生,积极参加社区各种有意义的演出,比赛活动,学生们以优良的成绩服务于社会,并得到有益的锻炼。在2002年学院筹建了艺术团,作为佛利蒙市经贸文化代表团的艺术团赴两岸台北,新竹,北京,天津,上海五大城市作正式访问,赢得两岸广泛的观注和好评。学院策划,改编,排演儿童歌舞剧“马兰花”的计划,已届时多年。在2005年学院建院十周年的日子,隆重推出大型儿童歌舞剧“马兰花”并同时上演了中英文两种版本,取得很大成功,学院还力争把经典儿童剧“马兰花”推上海外舞台。

学院现有Fremont和 Cupertino两所校址,学生近五百,现有十位经验丰富的优秀老师,还有教美术的老师,戏剧老师和幼儿音乐启蒙老师。学院多年来试办了儿童美术班,少儿音乐班,少儿戏剧班。在不断的摸索实践中,学院前进的步伐会更坚实。